10 Truths of Songwriting - A Survival Guide e-Book

10 Truths of Songwriting - A Survival Guide e-Book
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All you need to know to write great songs that people will love complete with guidelines to make it easy!

Writing great songs is not easy and many very talented musicians do not know how to get started, or how to complete a song. Whether it be writers block, or a lack of inspiration, constructing a great song can be an arduous process that frequently causes musicians and artists to give up.

In the age of the internet, and with the advent of digital home recording, artists now have the means to get their music recorded, released, and heard without record companies. But artists must be able to finish the songwriting process and actually write songs that people will like if they want to be heard, make money, and ultimately be happy with their music. “The 10 Truths of Songwriting, a Survival Guide” simplifies the songwriting process for creating great songs, and organizes it into 10 easy Truths. Each Truth is backed by real life examples and teaches you a methodology to consistently create great songs to help you survive the creative process.